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  • Cub Scout Roundtable

First Thursday of each month
Faith Anglican Church
9555 Walnut Grove Road
Cordova, TN 38018

  • Boy Scout Roundtable

Second Thursday of each month
Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church
1665 Germantown Road South

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The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


11 Responses to “>>>>>BASE CAMP”

  1. Kevin Rawson T 457 Says:

    Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills coming up November 3 – 5 at Camp Currier. Online Sign ups coming soon. Cost $ 35.00. Volunteers for Staff Are Welcomed, many spots still open – contact Kevin Rawson at kevin.rawson@navy.mil to be a scouter and help. Phone 901-619-0492.

    • Kevin Rawson T 457 Says:

      Introduction to Out Door Leader Skills – (IOLS) will be taught Nov 2 – 4, 2012 at Camp Currier. This is where adults learn the basic skills for scouts to earn 1st class, and valuable scouting methods. It’s fun, it’s informative, you will make new friends and help out your troop’s program. E-mail me for more info or to volunteer to help teach. Last year’s class was a great group of scouters. See you! 901-619-0492.

  2. Rich Calvert Says:


    Add a blog on Troop Outing locations that allows our local Troops to pool knowledge. Examples – “11-Point Canoeing”, “Shiloh”, “Ferne Clyffe”, “Dismals Canyon”, “Reelfoot”. Include as “sub-blogs” under each suggested contacts, camping location, activities in the area, travel info, special needs, and other pointers for that outing that Troops can build on.

    Doing so would allow Troops to pool knowledge and help us prevent “re-inventing the wheel” for each activity.

    Example – our Troop recently went to Dismals Canyon. I could put campsite info and pictures, contact info, cost for activities, our itinerary, special issues (like carting stuff up the hill to the Boy Scout site), facilities info, and other useful information.

    Also, create a “Resources” blog with sub-blogs. For example, we found out that a local Troop rents canoes as it’s fundraiser. We have rented twice and we happy to support our fellow Scouts. had I not been talking about this to a fellow Scouter, I would not have known.

    Lastly, create a “classified” section that Troops can publicize equipment they have that they’d like to pass along to other Troops, or items their Troop is in need of.

    Lots of good info on the website already. These suggestions would provide an even more practical addition.


    • Kevin Rawson T 457 Says:

      I will hand out a “Camping Resource section in the Scpouters Note Book at IOLS. Thanks. We go over camping spots at Round Table once a year as well and input is welcome. Can we use yours?

  3. Steve McCarver Says:

    Mike … are Camporee docs posted anywhere? We have a campout coming up and we’d like to start practicing.

    Steve McCarver
    Scoutmaster – Troop 452

  4. Chris Coates Says:


    I love EADI…nicely done. I’ll be posting the link in an email to District Scouters today.

    Chris Coates
    Eastern District Commissioner

  5. Daryl Denton Says:


    My son attended the Cub Scout Day Camp that was held out in Arlington at St.Phillips Church. Our pack , 213, has not received any info on what was completed at the day camp. Who can I contact to get this info? Thanks foe any help.

    Daryl Denton

  6. Jamie Appling Says:

    Mike, you did a great job on the site. I am sorry I haven’t been able to help more but it has been really tuff around work. Nice Job.

  7. Dave Cline Says:

    Mike Williams:

    Per our discussion last evening:

    Troop 368 website address: bsatroop368.com

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